What We Do


Our Vision and Values

We strive to be at the forefront of the industry through new innovation and fresh insights. The key to achieving this success is by expanding our horizons through understanding our customers and suppliers and by embracing technological advances.



Poultry genetics is valuable in understanding and optimising positive traits. We work in partnership with leading Geneticists to develop chick-breeding programmes that achieve the best possible laying performance for the free-range and organic environments. Our combined expertise results in maximum production based on optimum egg quality, welfare and robustness.


Pullet Rearing

We rear day-old chicks into 16-week old pullets. Our recent investment in company-owned rearing infrastructure, along with our expertise, allows us to provide them for our own and independent producers’ free-range and organic laying farms. It also means we can offer first-class pullets reared to suit the specific conditions of any laying house, regardless of whether the egg is contracted to us, or an alternative packer. Moreover, we have dedicated rearing support to safeguard a seamless transition from the rearing farm to the laying house.


How we would like our farming partners to see us

We provide long-term business and investment solutions
We give insightful industry advice
We supply accurate management information
We provide friendly yet professional, first-rate service and support
We are technically sound and empathetic in approach


Free-Range and Organic Production

Managing our own laying farms has given us a deep understanding of egg production. Our Farms Liaison Team will support your business, through maximising laying production and assisting with Lion Code compliance. As one of today’s largest free-range and organic producers globally, and committed to only producing eggs from these systems, we are well accustomed to working with a variety of size and type of poultry housing, and breeds of laying hen. You’ll find, as we have, there aren’t many challenges we can’t overcome.



We exclusively handle the organic and free-range eggs from our farming network, supplying across the UK and into Europe through our modern distribution fleet. To future-proof our business, we have recently invested heavily in packing technology to accommodate what has been the fastest growing protein food-source over the past decade.


How we would like our customers to see us

We deliver mutually beneficial relationships
We take a strategic approach to opportunities
We challenge conventions
We provide bespoke solutions
We provide first-rate customer service
We work to eliminate unnecessary cost