Egg Products


What we offer

We offer a varied and innovative range of high quality, chilled egg products, including our popular liquid egg, egg mayonnaise, boiled and ready poached eggs using our innovative technology. Produced from farm fresh British eggs laid by the best hens, prepared using the latest technology, they are perfect for commercial kitchens.

As befitting one of the UK’s leading suppliers of free range and organic eggs, safety and provenance remain at the heart of our philosophy with a guaranteed 100% pasteurisation and British Lion Standard certification. We are proudly approved by the Soil Association, and with our high levels of food safety are AA grade accredited by the BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Delivering to the length and breadth of Britain, seven days a week, our specialist fleet of chilled vehicles ensure our eggs arrive in perfect ready-to-use condition – guaranteed!





Using innovative technology in our production and packing centre we are proud to offer perfectly poached eggs to the UK’s food industry – something which sets us apart from competitors. Available with a runny yolk from our free-range and organic British hens, including our prestigious Clarence Court birds. Packaged as twin packs in brine – 2pk x 8 case for the ultimate ease and convenience for use in your restaurant or cafe.



Our popular liquid egg cartons are ultra-convenient and produced with quality and ease in mind – less waste, same great taste! Our Range Farm products offer British free-range eggs in liquid form, and we’ve captured the beauty of our iconic Clarence Court brand in a carton – including their distinctively, delicious golden yolks.

Available in easy-open cartons in 500ml, 1-litre, 10-litre, and 1000kg pallecons – perfect for commercial kitchens.



In a range of blends and available in different chopped gauge formats, our pre-prepared egg mayonnaise is a firm favourite with the professional kitchens we work with up and down the country. It’s the perfect ready-to-go sandwich filler and is offered under a couple of our egg brands, including Clarence Court with its iconic golden yolks.


From hens to quails, hard-boiled to soft set, bagged, boxed or conveniently bucketed for a larger scale, our range of quality boiled eggs is varied at Stonegate. We proudly offer professional kitchens and processors, access to the volume of free-range boiled eggs they need, complete with a 100% British guarantee of provenance and supply resilience.


An inspired selection of quality egg-based food-to-go products, all ready to eat – choose from our Jolly Peckish range, which includes brunch and protein pots, or our premium quail egg dippers from the Clarence Court collection.