Press release

Ovotrack Egg Traceability System Goes Live!

14 June 2009

Over the past year Stonegate have been progressing towards the launch of our new egg traceability system, phase one of the systems went live in June of this year.

Ovotrack is an automated tracking system that enables Stonegate to trace each of our eggs through every step of production from the farm the egg was laid on to the depots of our customers. This is achieved through technology that utilizes barcode capabilities.

Phase one included the installation of scanning hardware, this has given us the ability to scan egg into stock on arrival at our packing centre and subsequently onto the grader. This now enables us to know exactly what egg from a specific flock and producer has been put into what pack.

We are working on phase two this will link the finished goods to a specific order and delivery point, giving us the valued knowledge of knowing what farm and flock on what day has produced the egg the customer receives into their depots.

This new technology has allowed us to drive and increase our efficiency as a company.