Press release

Stonegate and Lion are number one for Germans

10 July 2005

German egg producers suffer from a market with dramatically declining egg consumption and the real threat of even more imports. Put this alongside negative returns, and German free range egg producers are in a parlous state.

At a conference organised by Lohmann distributor LSL-Rhein Main, based near Dresden, Richard Langdon from Stonegate discussed egg marketing issues with delegates. Rudi Preisinger, from the breeding company Lohmann Tierzucht explains the reason for the discussions. “Across Europe, the work British egg producers have been doing with the Lion is looked upon with great respect and admiration. And with Stonegate’s innovative marketing within Britain, who better to learn from?”

Asked whether he was giving secrets to the enemy, Richard Langdon responds “The discussion was more about why, rather than how, we do things. The German trip certainly highlighted to me what a great job we have done with the Lion scheme in the UK, as well as how proactive Stonegate have been in adding value to the British free range market. It’s good to be vindicated and I learned a lot from my German hosts, too”.

Stonegate customers have seen particular success in growth of the free range sector due to implementation of joint initiatives with Stonegate. Waitrose see continued growth due to the Columbian Blacktail brand, and last year Asda saw the fastest free range growth rate of any other major retailer due to better packaging, merchandising and ranging initiatives led by Stonegate.