Press release

Stonegate research delivers new Waitrose egg packaging

14 November 2005

The Columbian Blacktail brand of free range eggs is a partnership between Stonegate and Waitrose and used exclusively by Waitrose as the point of difference for their free range eggs.

Stonegate undertook extensive research with Waitrose customers across a number of demographics and shopper types. The research was designed to understand customer attitudes and perceptions to Columbian Blacktail eggs, and outline the best way to build on these for the purpose of supporting key Waitrose brand values.

It was discovered that the hen was certainly seen as ‘the heroine’ and should be portrayed as such. There were also key messages that customers wished to have clearly spelled out. These messages give them a feel good factor about buying the eggs as they provide reassurance that they are ‘free range eggs as they should be’.

John Sayer, Business Account Manager, is very optimistic about the results from the new packaging. “Columbian Blacktail researched fantastically well amongst Waitrose shoppers, as we knew it would. The new insights are a result of the rigorous research we undertook, and have allowed us to give the Waitrose designers a tight and interesting brief. Waitrose performance in eggs has been significantly ahead of the market for a number of years now. I expect the new packaging to deliver even more growth as we further interest customers in the story behind Waitrose eggs.”