Press release

Supermarket of the year award

28 November 2005

Columbian Blacktail eggs play a major role as Waitrose wins Compassion in World Farming’s ‘Supermarket of the year’ award

Congratulations to Waitrose who have won Compassion in World Farming’s ‘Compassionate Supermarket of the Year’ award for the second time running. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is an organisation that lobbies in the interests of “better standards and happier lives for farmed animals”.

The CIWF press release states “Waitrose was particularly praised by CIWF for its performance on the welfare of pigs, ducks, laying hens and farmed fish”.

For Richard Kempsey, Stonegate Organic and Free Range Farms Director, the recognition that laying hens have played a role is vindication for years of work. “Columbian Blacktail is much more than just a breed. It is the breed that sells the product, but for Waitrose, Stonegate and our producers it is all about integrity of hen welfare. We have invested hugely in ensuring that we are recognised as having genuinely world leading hen welfare systems. Within that, any new knowledge is communicated swiftly to all members of the Guild of Columbian Blacktail Producers for implementation on farm as quickly as possible.”

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