Press release

Columbian Blacktail Eggs win Top Award

20 July 2006

Recently Waitrose Columbian Blacktail Eggs were entered into the annual Grocer Magazine's Own Label excellence awards. The award ceremony was held at the Savoy in London and the eggs were the resounding winners in the 'Dairy' section.

The eggs were identified as the best in a pretty unique way - by marrying the opinions of consumers and food experts in a two-stage judging process.

'A great concept in free range eggs with a wonderful story behind it that appealed to both our expert judges and consumers' were the judges comments.

'Good strong colour yolk - lovely yellow yolk - Nice and fresh taste - Very tasty - Delicious creamy texture' were comments from the panel who added they felt the eggs were of superior quality to others available and over 75% rated their value as excellent.

The winners logo will appear as an endorsement on the Columbian Blacktail packaging in Waitrose and also on shelf edge barkers in every Waitrose branch.