Press release

Waitrose Compassionate Supermarket of the Year!

20 March 2007

Compassion In World Farming wants to shout about companies in the EU who are using cage-free eggs. The Good Egg awards are part of food policy work that aims to engage with and reward companies for the efforts they make to improve farm animal welfare through the products they sell.

Waitrose, winner of Compassionate Supermarket of the Year, has not sold any caged shell eggs for seven years. They also use only free-range eggs in all of their own-brand chilled products.

“We want to recognise their ongoing commitment to animal welfare and their policy on eggs by giving them a Good Egg Award and we’ll be working with them to ensure they are cage-free throughout all of their own-brand products by 2012.” CIWF

Quentin Clark, Central Buyer Poultry, Fish and Eggs: ‘Waitrose is committed to continual improvements in both animal welfare and the full traceability of raw material used throughout our stores. To this end we have a hen that has been specifically bred to thrive in the outdoors.’
‘Waitrose is delighted in winning the CIWF Good Egg award. All credit must go to the Columbian Blacktail farmers and our supplier Stonegate, without whom we would be unable to have made such huge strides in hen welfare.’

‘All Columbian Blacktail farmers are members of the Guild of Columbian Blacktail Farmers and none have cage production on their farms.’

Quentin and one of the Columbian Blacktail Organic Farmers , John Savory from Norfolk, were presented with the award at the Houses of Commons by Philip Lymbery from Compassion in World Farming.