Press release

Waitrose wins 2008 Good Egg Award

30 April 2008

Waitrose won a Good Egg Award last year for being cage-free on all shell eggs sold in store and is a previous winner of the Compassionate Supermarket Awards. Waitrose has earned itself a 2008 Good Egg Award for completing their move to being 100% cage-free on all the egg ingredient in own label products from July 2008.

"Waitrose is delighted to be an award winner at this year's Good Egg Awards. The Waitrose brand values are founded in quality, animal welfare and ethics. It has been a challenge to remove cage egg as an ingredient from our remaining own label ambient and bakery ranges due to the prevalence of cage eggs in most of the standard ingredients used in the food industry. However, I am delighted that the hard work of our food technology department together with our suppliers has made this possible and allowed Waitrose to further increase the welfare standards of its brand.

There is no doubt that consumers are increasingly aware of where their food comes from. This is due to a combination of high profile media campaigns, the excellent work of welfare groups and the activity of retailers such as ourselves. We can only see the market being more and more influenced by the desire of people to support the higher welfare option."

Heather Jenkins, Director, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Dairy & Frozen Food Buying