Vision & values

We will provide expertise and insight to any business wanting to produce, sell or use eggs. We will challenge conventions and find new solutions bespoke to our customers.

Some hens roaming free under a shelter

This will be done through searching for fresh insights, understanding our customers and suppliers, and embracing technological advances.

How we work

  • With pace
  • With energy
  • With a sense of humour and fun
  • In a straightforward, straight talking manner
  • Creating and using insightful information and knowledge
  • Within a lean and low cost environment
  • Hidden Labour Exploitation Policy

Giving our consumers the safest, freshest, tastiest eggs

We guarantee to provide the freshest and safest eggs possible. Every egg we deliver is produced to the Lion Quality standard. We listen to what consumers tell us then work closely with our customers to satisfy changing consumer tastes.

For nutritional information and recipe ideas please visit

How we would like our producers & suppliers to see us

  • We provide long term business and investment solutions
  • We give insightful industry / market knowledge and advice
  • We supply accurate management information
  • We provide first rate services
  • We are technically sound and empathetic in approach

How we would like our retail and food manufacturing customers to see us

  • We deliver mutually beneficial relationships
  • We take a strategic approach to opportunities
  • We challenge conventions
  • We provide bespoke solutions
  • We provide first rate customer service
  • We work to eliminate unnecessary cost