What we do

We have a number of modern and efficient egg packing machines around England and Wales.

Our free range and organic eggs are packed in Wiltshire. This state of the art operation is the largest and the only dedicated free range and organic packing operation in the world and guarantees fast, accurate grading of eggs.

An employee placing an egg carefully into a case

1. Our free range and organic producers collect and hand select eggs onto trays.

Stonegate employees take delivery of some eggs at our packing centre

2. Stonegate drivers regularly collect fresh eggs from producers, to take to our packing centre.

An employee using a moving eggs around the Stonegate store area

3. The 'ungraded' store, holding enough eggs for approximately one days grading.

An employee loading eggs into th grading machine

4. Eggs are gently loaded onto the grading machine.

Eggs being lifted up using a vacuum machine

5. Eggs are removed from trays using a gentle vacuum.

Eggs being tested for cracks not visible to the eye

6. Each egg is checked 30 times for cracks invisible to the eye.

Eggs being checked under ultra violet light

7. Cameras check for dirty shelled eggs under ultra violet light.

Eggs that have been stamped with the Lion and best before date

8. Eggs are checked for internal faults, weighed and ink jet printed with the Lion and 'Best Before' date.

Eggs being lowered into lanes

9. Each egg is gently lowered in a 'lane' pre determined by the computer, into an awaiting egg pack.

Employees sorting the egg packs on a conveyor belt

10. When full, the packs are automatically closed, dated and arranged in retail display cases.

Barcode scanners counting packed stock

11. Barcode scanners count packed stock and divert the case to a shrink wrapper, or not, according to customer preference.

Packed stock warehouse awaiting loading

12. From the packed stock, our finished stores team pick and load vehicles according to order.

Stonegate delivery truck

13. A vehicle on its way! By prior arrangement our fleet can deliver to store or depot any time of day or night, seven days a week.

Egg packaging that appears on the foremost UK's retailers shelves

14. Stocked on the shelves of the UK's foremost retailers and leading food manufacturers.