We work hard at creating account teams who can build effective working relationships and work closely with our customers - the UK's foremost retailers and leading food manufacturers. Our trained and motivated teams can bring a wealth of expertise including...

  • ability to manage the egg category from the consumer's point of view
  • identifying and advising on increased sales opportunities
  • identifying and removing costs which don't enhance products and services to our customers, consumers or food manufacturers
  • ensuring the highest level of accuracy within the order and delivery process

In partnership with our producers

We firmly believe that all our activities should be demonstrably open and honest, supportive, professional and fair - that's just the way we do business. In that way we can develop genuinely strong and therefore long-lasting relationships with our producers.

How does it work day-to-day?

Once a contract is in place, we regularly collect the eggs from producers' farms and take them to packing centres to be checked against key quality standards and graded. We send each and every producer feedback on quality and grading so that their production can be effectively managed.

Producers are always paid promptly in accordance with the contract agreement and the grading of the consignment. It's that simple.

On-going support

As egg producers for more than 56 years ourselves, we understand the business inside out. And, as we already have more than two hundred and fifty producers on our books there aren't many challenges facing a modern egg producer which we haven't already tackled. We take every opportunity to share this knowledge and encourage producers to make full use of the expertise available through our Farms Liaison Team.

Help with planning a new set up

There's no better way of making a success of egg production, than getting it right from the start. Making good investment decisions, selecting equipment, understanding the demands of the market and putting in place the right contract are hugely important. At Stonegate we offer help every step of the way, see becoming an egg producer for more information.