Our farms

From input into breeding programmes to the marketing of eggs to consumers, we are involved in every element of the supply chain.

Some free range chickens climbing and roaming free

The resultant vertical integration means that we are in a position to carefully manage costs and control quality throughout the production process.


In order to maximize production whilst maintaining egg quality and welfare standards, we play an active role in the breeding programmes at our hatcheries from where we purchase day old chicks for rearing.


On our rearing farm we rear day old chicks to an age of 16 weeks. This can be a stressful time for the hens. Our experience in controlling feed, water, temperature and lighting intensity reduces stress to a minimum and ensures hens are delivered to laying farms at the optimum weight.

Laying Farms

As egg producers for more than 56 years, we understand the business inside out. In fact, 50% of all the eggs that we pack are produced on our own farms. We supply eggs from all production systems with a particular emphasis on free range and organic systems.