Environmental policies

Stonegate are committed to protecting the environment by means of setting up environmental management controls, procedures and systems that operate at a level above current legislative requirements.

Some free range chickens roaming free in a field

Ensuring environmental care is a part of the Stonegates' culture, it will actively adopt measures that are designed to conserve energy and other natural resources in the production of its products and their by products.

The Company recognises that appropriate information should be made available to contractors, customers and suppliers, to enable them to meet and promote the same standards of environmental care.

The Company will be committed to develop and maintain sites, which are exemplary in environmental terms and will regularly assess the environmental impact of the organisations operations.

Wind and solar power project

A farm using solar and wind power

On our Free Range and Organic farms we encourage the farmers to harness the wind and solar power naturally available. This combination generates sufficient converted electricity power throughout all seasons to run an egg laying housing unit.

The solar panels are either fitted to the roof of the chicken house or onto the mast of the wind vane. The energy generated supplies all the necessary lighting, the feeding system and the egg collection system.

Stonegate sustainable development policies

  • Free and fair working environment and policies for all our employees.
  • Encouragement of diversity and gender neutrality in all our recruitment decisions.
  • Creation of a well trained staff and a safe workplace.
  • Ensuring open and honest relationships with our supplying farmers, providing a mutual understanding of our businesses and fair returns for all.
  • Implementation of technology, procedures and management innovation that minimise the environmental impact of our business.