About Stonegate

We understand the needs of hard-working egg producers, we exceed the expectations of demanding retail operations and we can respond rapidly to changing consumer tastes.

Every day we move millions of eggs from hen houses across the country to the shelves of the UK's leading supermarkets, and into the shopping trolleys of Britains' consumers. And that's no mean feat. It means working closely and supportively with at least 250 egg producers to collect, grade and package the most fragile of food products. It means working in genuine collaboration with top retailers to identify and satisfy new and changing tastes. It means supplying first class egg products to some of the biggest names in food manufacturing.

All our eggs are produced in the UK to the rigorous British Lion Quality standard, for customer and consumer peace of mind. We do this by employing enthusiastic people who bring fresh thinking to our day-to-day operations, and by working in partnership with our producers and customers.

The story behind Stonegate

An old Stonegate delivery truck from yesteryear

In 1926 a small group of farmers from the village of Stonegate in East Sussex, collaborated to form an egg cooperative. The farmers pooled all the eggs they produced together and packed them, they then took the finished product to markets to sell. This was the beginning of Stonegate.

Following the merger between Horizon Farms and Stonegate in 2000 and major acquisitions, including Thames Valley Foods in 2001, the modern day Stonegate evolved. The company proceeded to grow from strength to strength, progressing into a thriving, professional and innovative business.

The current owner Adrian Gott continues to develop and challenge the Stonegate team to remain the premiere egg producer and packer in the UK.